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Introducing all new mock test and tutorial series You can explore at chimniii, as examination on the way you need to prepare yourself. We have large catalogue of SSC, GATE, MBA Entrance,BANKS,IBPS. The platform are quite simple and easy, We not only included only objective questions but subjective as well. You can practise subject wise test or exam wise test both option available.
Right kind of analytics at right time is very crucial so that you can take decision at right time. we are introducing following features as of now
  • Graphical representation of performance
  • track your weak subject
  • Marks obtained
  • Time taken on each section
  • Understanding the concept is as much crucial as practise. Before begin practise it is recommended to prepare first so that you can perform better. To make you understand the concept Chimniii offers you KNOWLEDGE ROOM
  • Categorized subject
  • Track your learning journey
  • Question based on your learnings after each topic